Your battles are yours; Your demons yours



The past 2-3 months have been a period of deep self-introspection about personal life and career. From work stress to having “weird” thoughts, it’s been an emotionally wrecking journey. I have been at my lowest point in life and am gradually overcoming it.

During this period, I have realised that you need to fight your own battles, irrespective of who is with you or who isn’t. Even those who you think are your closest will not be able to support you because they don’t understand it. Whether you are single or in a relationship, whether you are married or not, you need to fight your demons yourself.

A lot of people in your life will tell you they’re with you, that they support you. But, they can’t because they do not even understand what’s happening inside you. It’s not their fault nor is it yours.

All you can do is, stay strong. Be patient. This is easier said than done. You need to have a great control over yourself to stay composed. During this period, you need to find something that will divert you from these thoughts that make you sad or bring you down. It’s an extremely tough task to do. But, you can.

Often, when we are in such situations, we rely on people we love. We share things with them. But, remember that their love for you is just a feeling they have for you. That doesn’t help them understand what you’re going through. They could as well forget about all this in the next 10 minutes and carry on with their lives, irrespective of their love for you.

Hence, you need to be strong from the inside, have faith in yourself. The most important of all, you need to stop relying on the other person/s to make you happy or make you feel good. Find a hobby or a task that keeps you engaged and stay positive, even if everything is working against you. Have faith!

This is for all those who go through this or have gone through this. You will emerge stronger. Believe in yourself. 🙂

P.S. This is easier to write. But, extremely challenging and difficult to go through. I’m also thankful for all those who’ve been with me in this phase.


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