Published articles

Political Stories:

Write political analysis pieces.

What’s Chandrababu going to do? (story on What lies ahead for Seemandhra under Chandrababu Naidu)

Human Rights Stories: 

As a writer on development issues, I have covered child abuse, human trafficking, child rights, child marriages, violence against women, migrant and refugee issues, land and agriculture stories.

Beleaguered Indian farmers favour debt waiver (Story on the debt burden of [united] Andhra Pradesh’s farmers) – Al Jazeera

When laws betray children (Laadli Award winning story and IIJNM Alumni Award winning entry for 2013)

Seeking new homes in Hyderabad (IIJNM Alumni Award winning entry for 2014)

Bodies for Sale, by men too (Story on male sex workers in India)

 Crying for care

Child brides of Mahbubnagar

Stories published on The Alternative

Business Stories:

As a business reporter with Deccan Chronicle, I have covered technology, start-ups. personal finance, FMCG, infrastructure and real estate sectors. Below are samples of a few:

Facebook plans to get billions online

The day GMR’s eyes welled up

Breaking story: Gameloft sacks all 250, shuts Hyderabad office

Online shopping made easy through magazine

On the waterfront

Non-Resident Indians boom time

The rise of outsourcing in real estate

Off-beat stories:

Features about media, kids, bras and everything around.

Make-believe worlds

On the trail of an elusive bird


Media watchdogs, Look into thyself!

Sex education not so sexy in India




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