About me

Dear reader,

Thank you for visiting my blog. The conversations here revolve around everything happening around us. This is also a platform for raising awareness about critical social issues that highlight how living in denial doesn’t help. With discussion on a range of developmental and personal issues, this blog gives you the freedom to express/comment/criticise or differ from what’s written on it.


I’m a journalist by profession. Currently working as a Communications Officer at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office (APCMO).  My work involves writing CM’s speeches, writing and editing press releases from CM’s meetings, managing social media accounts of AP Government, writing books for the government on welfare schemes and, research & documentation work.

I have done political reporting, business reporting, rural reporting. Of  the topics that I have written about, development reporting is closest to my heart because it involves human rights issues.  As a business journalist, I have written stories on technology, personal finance, telecom, retail, start-ups and entrepreneurs, government and policy, etc. 

I have also freelanced for a couple of news websites and worked for mainstream newspapers like The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and The New Indian Express.  I’m also the winner of Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity 2013 in the best web feature category in the Southern region.

I love superheroes and chicken (I can’t live without eating it). I’m Tejaswini Pagadala.  

You can email me here and follow me on Twitter at tejaswini7


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Ms.Tejaswini !!!! I just want some info regarding the funds granted by government to the government rural high schools.
    It will be so helpful for me to change the facilities in my village gov schools.
    Please help me. Plz feel free to mail me your response if you can.
    Thank you.

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