The beauty of being a Hybrid Pilla


Picture credit: Pranay Thota

Thanks to film director Sekhar Kammula for bringing out the concept through Fidaa. Often, we miss observing the beauty of invisible things in our lives. Our origin and how we become part of different cultures and ethnicities is one such thing. (Every Indian will connect with this).
Being born and brought up in Hyderabad, it is a privilege to grow up in a family where my father belongs to the Rayalaseema region and mom is a Hyderabadi with Andhra roots. While this is one side, the other side is a Kannadiga connect with my sister-in-law. This combination gets you used to dialects of all the three regions with ease, as well as a mix of Kannada, on and off. While I speak a mix of Telangana and Andhra dialects, my dad talks in a Rayalaseema mixed Andhra dialect while mother speaks Andhra-Hyderabadi mixed Telugu. My brother and sister-in-law shuffle between Kannada and Telugu.
What I learnt growing up as a child is to speak and understand words from all these regions, including the advantage of Hyderabadi Hindi. If mom is talking about “Bobbatlu“(Puran Poli in Hindi), then I hear dad say “Bakshalu or Voligalu” and I listen to “Polelu” used in Telangana. All mean the same thing in different regions of the Telugu states.
While I watch “Bonalu and Bathukamma”, among some of your relatives, the other side give me “Atlathaddi” with ease. The beauty lies in how this cocktail of cultures thrive despite our different origins. It is high time that we forget the bitterness between regions and learn to appreciate how we have lived together, with a mix of all dialects and cultures. Like they say, variety is the spice of life. Let’s just enjoy it 🙂
(P.S: There will be different stories in different families. This is just one such story).

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