Power of Word


Words, they say, make or break relationships. Words are the most powerful tools in the world. We use them to express ourselves, our emotions, our situations, our problems, our challenges, our thoughts and ideas.

Words help us articulate our feelings, string them together to form a meaningful sentence. Words light up our minds, reflect our personality and make us who we are.

Like love, words make us feel alive or dead, loved or isolated. There’s music in words and you can only hear it if you’re thinking. Words are the most deadliest weapons that have caused battles between people and also have united the human race.

Words, if used wisely, satisfy us the most because they are a source of a good conversation. If it wasn’t for the power of a word, the human race would have never known of LOVE (the most overpowering feeling and more importantly,) a word which is the cause of our existence.



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