The Great Expectations


Expectations begin when you share a relationship (of any kind) with a person. From the time you are born, there are expectations from you. Our lives revolve around what we do and what we are expected to do. We grow up with expectations. From our parents to our neighbours, everyone lives with some sort of expectations.

In the process, we do not realize that these expectations are the cause for disappointments in our lives. Yes, being human entails having feelings and emotions of all sorts. But, when our emotions overpower our mind, that’s when the disappointment begins.

We often don’t realize that our expectations from someone or something have caused that sort of reaction from us. We blame it on others but do not think about why we are disappointed.

When it comes to relationships between people, this is bound to happen. Our moods are dependent on our expectations from people. We are happy, we are sad, we are angry and we are upset. These expressions of emotion only bring me to one basic question.

What if we do not have expectations of any sort from anyone? Can we live like that?


4 thoughts on “The Great Expectations

  1. Expectations are by definition,enslavement of mind to circumstances as well as factors beyond one’s own prowess. Have no expectations. Take life as it comes – savour the returns. For this, of course,equanimity of thought and a balanced,sublime nature evolving out of tribulations,pains and experiences in real life is a pre-requisite.
    One who has no ‘expectations’ is as the bird who soars the skies but migrates to set destination at a definite time of the seasonal cycles. There lies the irony of it all.
    Quite an interesting food for thought.

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