It’s not devotion, it is madness!


Devotion does not mean you have to be the first one to see the God.

Gods do not want you to give them gifts, offer glittery expensive jewels, flowers. Gods will not ask you to do anything for them.

Devotion is not throwing your fellow pilgrim off a place or shouldering him aside for your selfishness, devotion is not polluting places with anything you want to throw in the premises of a worship place or a water body attached to it.

Devotion is not about being blessed a little more than your neighbour nor does it mean wishing good only for your family while wishing that others you hate fail.

Devotion is what you believe in. Devotion includes thinking about others’ welfare.

Unfortunately, at massive religious events common sense and people’s sense organs stop working. When will we listen or learn? Doesn’t devotion teach us civility?

Gods would be thinking: What a crazy species this!


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