Hudhud and social media’s social impact

Picture credit: Clicked by a citizen to AP Government. Photo shows uprooted trees at GITAM University.

Picture credit: Clicked by a citizen and sent to AP Government. Photo shows uprooted trees at GITAM University.

Of late, I have been really caught up with work (Sleepless nights and days). But, since I now work with the government, I got the opportunity to do my little in helping victims of Cyclone Hudhud. And, how did I do that? Through social media. Since I have been monitoring almost all the responses to the government, I have noticed something amazing.

During disasters, people are united. Social media works amazing for disaster management. The impact our team created with one hashtag (#HudhudAP) was brilliant. (No, I’m not boasting about it). But, the response we had received worked wonders. We have been able to note grievances from people who were able to communicate with us, note down complaints of shopkeepers fleecing customers and of people reporting missing cases.

The crowdsourcing project also helped us get in touch with citizens. Despite 90% of telecommunication and power lines being snapped and the city’s infrastructure being in shambles, citizens showed a great effort by contributing their bit in giving us their coordinates. This helped us send data to the National Remote Sensing Centre.

While we were busy monitoring, volunteers started pouring in. We were humbled to see response from people across the world, asking us whether we would require their help. I have always believed that the power of social media is very impactful. I’m glad it turned out to be true.

P.S. I consider myself fortunate to be part of the CMO team.


One thought on “Hudhud and social media’s social impact

  1. How can i contact you?
    Wish to work for the govt for social media, I have worked earlier with a leading digital marketing agency and now a freelancer wherein I do ORM for the brand and also create buzz through different media platforms.

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