Why you should vote?



Dear Citizens of India,

I do understand and share the angst, curiosity about what happens in our country. I also understand that each one of us like some things about our country and are utterly critical of things we dislike. However, we all have opinions and vent them out, giving our own (ill/logical) explanations to back our opinions. While some are a result of half knowledge, some are well-thought out ones. However, have we ever wondered whether we have the right to talk about our country? Well, most of us will agree, claiming to be (patriots or) citizens of this country. But, before we all exhibit our “love”, are we, the adults, (because the Constitution of India gives the right to vote once we turn 18) exercising our right to vote? And, you may ask why you need to vote to have an opinion or talk about this country. Here’s why you have to vote:

1. Don’t give your “oh-so-wow-opinions” that can change the country if you don’t want to vote. Don’t complain about fuel prices, food price hikes or anything if you don’t vote.

2. You have no right to criticize anything around you if you don’t vote. Because, you are not being a part of the system that gives you a chance to vote (in other words — a way to voice your opinion or have your say in the country’s electorate).

3. If you are too busy to vote, make time. Again, we don’t need your crap talk if you don’t vote.

4. If you think the process to apply for a voter id card is tedious, there are web portals that’ll help you register online. You can get your voter card within a week’s time. If there are mistakes on the card, you can get it re-done.

5. If you have the card and are reluctant to know your polling booth. Check the website where you applied your voter id. You are almost likely to find it. Or confirm it from the local list of your constituency once it is out. So, don’t make excuses!

6. Even if you think you are going to opt for NOTA (None of the above) option, go there and vote and say it. Remember, your vote matters.

7. If you are not going to vote, there are people who will vote on your behalf as a “bogus voter” and might vote for the party YOU hate. You wouldn’t want to regret someone else making decisions for you. Would you?

Feeling ashamed of not exercising your right to vote? Good. Get your ass up and go vote!


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