Dear public representatives

Dear “Public” Representatives,


This is a letter from a citizen who doesn’t dream big when it comes to her country’s development because you have not made that possible. However, here are some suggestions on how you could win your voters in your own constituencies by getting some real work done. And, spare us of all the ridiculous and impossible false promises you come up with.

Let us start with how your constituency looks to an outsider?

1. Bad or battered (back-breaking) roads. Let me remind you that you travel on that road umpteen times to beg for votes. So, why not get it repaired under the funds you get and not break your back and others’ too? Easy right?

2. Open and overflowing drains. I’m sure you don’t love the stench from the garbage pile in your constituency nor does anyone living there. So, why not try getting drains repaired and ensure proper sanitation in your constituency?

3. Illegal encroachments. A lot of them love extending their houses, sometimes even obstructing vehicular movement on the road. But do they know they’re encroaching public property in their areas? Are they even aware of the property rules? Are you, the local representative, responsible to educate them and ensure it doesn’t happen? Yes.

4. Anganwadis turn into public meeting spots. A lot of areas have anganwadi schools becoming places for some local function or a meeting. Please remember that some of you, who were responsible for introducing the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), are the same ones who are shunning poor kids out of their schools and depriving them of education. Do you have to act about it? Yes. Because, it’s a matter of serious concern in a country that says it is the right of every child to have free education. You need to pull your socks!

5. Garbage disposal and cleanliness. This is related to (2).  Remember there are schools and colleges in your constituency right? Why don’t you ask people to segregate waste at home and make life of municipal workers easy and less hazardous? You want the kids (and other residents also) to fall sick and then visit a govt. hospital as if your care? Mama must have taught you that “Prevention is better than cure”?

6. Maintenance issues. Why not have a team of people that does community-based monitoring? For instance, lay out rules about what’s public and what’s private, etc. If the constituency is bigger and important, look at what facilities people are asking for and assess if necessary, and then proceed?

6. How about getting all this done and having a stronghold in your area? Sounds plausible? This way, you will not only win votes but also set examples for others.

So, how about getting to do some REAL work instead of the drama all these years?


An Indian


One thought on “Dear public representatives

  1. Not just these.. tejaswini. The moment we step out of our houses, we should feel some orderliness rather than chaos on the roads. The next important thing is checking the skyrocketing prices.

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