Of MPs and PMSing!

Who said men can’t PMS? May be not quite literally. But, when they do, the result looks more like what Congress’ MP from Vijayawada Lagadapati Rajagopal did in the Parliament. Pepper Spraying inside Lok Sabha. A house that has most people who are either about to die or suffer from various health ailments and their adipose tissues oozing with fat as a result of the money they “ate.” Of course, what the MP did was a heinous thing. A demeaning, inhuman and uncivilised act that has to be condemned and is not expected of from a so-called representative of the people. On a lighter note, it was hilarious too — like circus (No offence here).


With all the oldies running out of the house with burning eyes, and the hullabaloo around, it seemed more like they felt the urge to live more than anyone else on this planet. All these people, who in the name of leaders, run our country, blame each other for anything and everything and stoop to levels beyond human imagination. And, the irony is, these creatures, some of who are criminals, yahoos, etc, are elected by the people of this country.

Exceptions aside, we still have these uncouth people as our leaders who form a majority. This sure looks like people do not need anything around them changing. We preach one thing and do something. We’re good talkers but we don’t act. We all sit online, tweet, comment, blog and write nasty things we like. But, do we do anything basic to help make things better? For starters, do we at least have people not spitting on the roads, not passing urine in public (we’re not fans of your penises, please. It’s disgusting if you piss on the road), flushing after using public toilets, not littering their surroundings, following traffic rules, standing or waiting in the queue without fighting, waiting for the signal to cross the roads and not talk on the phone while crossing, not ever tease girls on the road?

While most of the girls/women have recently been enlightened by pepper spray’s use to protect themselves, our MPs have shown us another way to put it to use, ridiculously so, even for men. So, while pepper sprays don’t seem to be gender-specific anymore, PMSing also doesn’t seem to be so. Jai Pepper Spray!


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