War and/or Peace


With numerous opinions and perspectives doing rounds with regard to the bifurcation issue, I have always wondered about where people (supporting a separate state and those opposing it) are heading in this battle. With politicians from both sides vitiating the environment, people have clearly taken sides, including journalists. Every politician we see today in the state talks about knowing the wishes of Telugu people inside out (unfortunately, they’re all assumptions). But they do forget the fact that people too know politicians’ intentions very well.

Politicians in support of a separate Telangana state have poisoned the environment so much that those in favour of the T state believe that the jobs and properties/lands of Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad would go to them after the bifurcation. As if that isn’t preposterous enough, T politicians have gone a step further in blaming Seemandhra people for every bad thing happening in the state or Hyderabad. Many are aware of the extortion, and blackmailing that has been happening in the state in the name of a Telangana issue. On the other hand, those against a T state too are competitive in terms of exhibiting their sadism and animal-like behaviour. They have begun to see Telangana people as those who do not belong to the state and as those who’re responsible for everything bad happening within the state. Even those Seemandhra people who have not been discriminatory before the issue cropped up, have begun doing it.

Both, pro and anti-T people have made mistakes. They are both responsible for making the environment so vicious that everyone has something to say against each other. It has snowballed into a contentious issue which has made politicians cross all boundaries, disqualifying them as human beings. From vandalizing offices to attacking each other in the assembly, attacking the speaker and tearing off bills/amendments and memos within the house — all this definitely calls for a public scrutiny of democracy. If there is anything that is dividing this state, it is the degrading humanity. Also, everyone seems to be in a hurry to find a reason to hate each other a little more than to stay united and live in peace.  If division is the way out and is the answer for harmony, so be it (at least the ones who want it should are ready to face the consequences of separation).


3 thoughts on “War and/or Peace

  1. Live in peace are very strong words . Have India and pakistan lived in peace ever after getting divided . There were of same Country before and were like brothers and sisters before that .. But even after 60 plus years , i dont see there is a slight remote chance that they will love each other ..

    Same thing will repeat here as well .. The hatred is dug so deep that it will not go in generations to come .. Giving Separate Telangana means that Andhra people did loot them and to prevent that a new State is being formed .. Will the Andhra people ever forget that ..

    Coming to Telangana region , assume that there is lecture who is from Andhra region is doing a Job there .. He gives less marks to a student who wrote the exam badly .. Wont the Telangana student say that the lecture gave less marks bcox he is from Telangana .. (the above incident has already happened) .Like this there will be n number of incidents that will come up very soon .

    Living with peace .. I think many people will live in peace only , but there will be a few lives that will be affected who will not be able to live in peace

  2. India-Pakistan is a totally different issue. This is in a same country. They’re two different countries now. There’s more to the India-Pakistan issue. The analogy is ridiculous.
    I agree with the hatred. Yet, fanning these sentiments among students in education is bad. And, I think what you’ve mentioned is a stray incident. But, of course, generalising that it will happen is not right because academics is not connected to all this. And, don’t tell me students don’t bring up these sentiments. They do. Both are at fault and both are wrong. People should learn to get over the issue, in education.
    Anyone, irrespective of the region he or she is from, and is good at academics/talent, etc fares well, wherever! So, let’s not go so low.

    • I know India-Pak is a different issue . I took it as an example as i feel that Hatred that got created during that division is extending till now , even though they were from a same Nation .

      This Telangana split has left the Andhra side region with some much hatred and helplessness as well .You can see protests that will erupt all over Andhra region tomorrow . I doubt if they will forget that in decades to come . Time can solve any pains , but have to see how long that will that take ..

      I took academic incident as i has happened in Hyd before . I say this sort of incidents can happen in any Job or field . I do hear many IT people in chennai saying that Tamil people favor their counterparts . With hatred mixed , we can see chances of these events occurring more . Even then , in larger picture , these wont matter big ..

      But wish this division could have been done in a better way .. They could have announced a secondary City in 2012 itself , developed it for 2 years and in 2014 , this division could have maked sense . They could have announced projects that can bring jobs and revenue in the Andhra Side .. With 70 % of state revenue in Telangana side now , i can see how worried Andhra people will be . They wont know if they are going to get promotions , pensions , jobs etc . They could have done some thing to make them feel better .

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