Who am I?


Under those thick sheets of clothes, they hide me. They frown upon noticing me as if I’m not a part of them.  As they run their fingers through me, that rare, gentle and sensitive touch breathes life into me. I salivate. Hungry for more, I look for a more stimulating touch that can satiate my hunger and fill my heart.

Suddenly, I wonder, do they even know me? Do they know what I’m made of? Do they know how they depend on me? Do they know how I shape their lives?

And, they say I’m a taboo. Uttering my name is a violation. They call me names. They humiliate me, disrespect me. They make me bleed in pain. Yet, they need me the most.

I’m a piece of flesh who has feelings.I’m sensitive. My hunger makes me salivate and slowly open my mouth, turning them (those who possess me) into mystic animal-like goddesses.  Gasping for food, I hear my stomach grumble, desperately waiting to be fed. As my body parts quiver in pain, I can listen to the clamour inside.

As zestful as it is, I wait to fill myself more until my hunger satiates. Another gulp as I wait for it to melt down my throat. My passage expands and contracts. It gives me a high – an oceanic feeling. I feel ecstatic, respected and confident. I feel loved.

I’m a woman’s best kept secret. A reckoning force. And, a cause for your existence. I’m a Vagina!


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