The Uncanny Goodness

CAUTION: Fiction writing is not my forte. This is an attempt.

As she stepped out of her room, there were a lot of things running on her mind like rushes in a film — the thoughts of him. Every emotion she experienced, had something to do with him. The way every part of her body responded clearly indicated that he was etched on her mind. She was too excited to say anything. Numb enough to feel anything.
Her attractive eyes awaited the sight of him. Those eyes spotted him and heaved a sigh of relief. As he approached her amid the madding crowd and chaos, her ears fell deaf to the noise around.

She entered the dimly lit bar with him, unable to accept the added darkness to her life. She was impatient and felt unconnected. Amid smoke, the sight of him wasn’t clear…
The milee was charged up and the darkness made her sober. The food she loved the most felt tasteless around him. She felt the indescribable happiness. That night with him made her smile — a smile that she thought was a rarity in her life, a smile that brought her to life after seven years.
Goodness was something that was unusual for her. Every moment with him felt unusual because it was filled with goodness. Every single time he was good to her, she feared it. She felt the uneasiness, as if someone was insulting her, as if she was new to the existence of good people…
Happily, both of them walked out of the bar, hand in hand.


Everything started fading out as she held his hand tight. The moment was close. She knew it. Everyone decided to be good to her that night, she thought. Mother nature smiled upon her, blew a flying kiss in the form of relieving breeze. The lights shone brighter, feeling happy for them — walking hand in hand on the street. The barking dogs fell silent. The leaves swayed to the songs of the wind. The Earth smelled orgasmic.
She started to fumble in her speech. Words failed her. He inched closer. Her heart was tense, racing like a marathon runner. His eyes shone in the moonlight. Startled she stood, searching for love in his eyes. As the seconds passed by, his piercing looks cut her open, compelling her to veil her emotions. She closed her eyes and felt his lips on hers. Every cell in her body screamed happiness, excitement and love. If there was one moment in life she wanted to immortalise, this was it, she thought.    


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