My Bucket List

1. To scream into the office secret camera and say “Gotcha!”
2. To go an adventure trip all by myself
3. To live in a village for two years or more
4. Teach kids in village
5. Adopt a girl child
6. Go to Australia
7. To walk in the jungle all alone
8. To write a book (non-fiction)
9. To have my own column in a newspaper or magazine dedicated to developmental issues
10. To read all the books I have (half of which I haven’t touched)
11. To become thin (or at least look thin)
12. To try out clothes I have never tried before
13. To go out with a complete stranger
14. To punch someone in the stomach (This is to put 10 years of my Karata Training to use)
15. To get married to someone I’ve known for long enough (and not a stranger at all)
16. To party in a pub, meet new gay friends
17. To meet Amartya Sen
18. To meet Chandrababu Naidu
19. To run a school for the orphans
20. To work at The Hindu and do development stories
21. To understand what Engineers do
22. To climb the Mount Everest
23. To walk on a beach where there are no people and dream (Just me)
24. To tell “pseudo journalists” not to ruin the profession anymore
25. To have a pet dog
26. To drive a Jeep and a truck
27. To be out of contact with everyone for a year
28. To disassociate myself with caste and religion
29. To see a caste-less India
30. To burn all the hooligans, who in the name of a Bandh, burn buses and create trouble
31. To fly an airplane
32. To see Hockey or Football take over Cricket’s popularity in India
33. To travel in a Cruise to a foreign country
34. To do bungee jumping
35. To go sky diving
36. To hold a snake
37. To become a Vendetta for a day (like “V” in the move V for Vendetta)

38. To study anything related to human rights/gender issues/child rights
39. To stop thinking for a day
40. To write a Sports story
41. To get on to a stage at a concert and sing like no one’s watching
42. To visit every state in India
43. To watch the Olympic Games
44. To have a house with my own farm in it
45. To go Scuba Diving
46. To Trend on Twitter
47. To Take a tour of the White House and read the President’s Book of Secrets, written by every American President to the next
48. To learn to play a musical instrument
49. To visit Antarctica

there’s more to come…the list is subject to change at any point of time


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