Of Mediotic Creatures and Sensationalism

Of late, I have been observing that every movie, book and article points out to the preposterous or ‘mediotic’ (media+idiotic) questions newsmen (especially broadcast) ask their sources (people/ officials, etc) in order to sensationalize even the smallest issue on this Earth.

According to the old adage: ‘If a dog bites man, it is not news. But, if a man bites dog, that’s news.’ Nowadays, the former phrase in the proverb also has become News, irrespective of the subject in question.  Adding to this, is the constant pressure on producers to hook the audience to the Television, assuming viewers are idiots watching animate objects move on the screen. 
Well, if they want their TRPs, they should know that asking a person how he or she feels after suffering stab wounds, would not make it EXCLUSIVE but make people switch to another channel that doesn’t boast of its “EXCLUSIVE” coverage. Why don’t the morons understand that an exclusive story is something that a person/ the organization has done/ acquired or gathered on its own and doesn’t appear everywhere, like it does here, on all the news channels.

Meanwhile, Telugu news channels make it even worse. Apart from conveniently making people hate them (news channels and newsmen), they attempt to switch from talking in Telugu to English even if it is not written in the script just to prove their ‘journalistic abilities’ which make them appear like inabilities instead. That said, speculation (about what’s gonna happen in Chintu’s house? Who is Chintu’s neighbour and all that jazz) is something that (they assume) adds zest to their life and misery to ours. While all this drama exists on one side, ethics are gone to the dogs on the other. 
Well, yes breaking a story gives a KICK to a journalist. But, that person must be aware of the good and bad sides of that story. Journalists, who call themselves that, think they are above law, can unleash their power over the government and unravel the mysteries by telling the truth to people?  Excuse me! You are not given the right to pester people by asking them questions before dying. Asking them how they feel “what? before dying you mean?”. You are not there to shoot a video allowing a man to immolate himself, when you can actually save his life instead of ‘showing the truth to the world.” You’d rather become a hero by throwing that camera in the trash can and rushing that man to the nearest hospital rather than comfortably shooting it like a lifeless object.   
On the other hand, the crime shows on these news channels are some real fun (pun intended). If you are bored in life and do not know what to do, watch these shows. You can learn acting, voice modulation, how to give different expressions and most importantly, you can learn how to act like a ferocious creature with a motive to kill or stab someone. The anchors who narrate a crime story make a mockery of themselves. The narration goes somewhat like this: “Karan looked all tired and exhausted when he returned home. He threw his bag aside and sat on the couch (anchor’s pitch rises suddenly). But, he was not aware  of the fact that he was about to kiss hell’s foot. (At this moment, viewers are like…”eh…hell’s foot?? Where did that come from now?”) His beautiful wife, Mallika, was standing behind him at that time. (at this moment, audiences keep wondering what the anchor is trying to say?). And, to know what happened next, come back soon after the BREAK.” Well, yeah, viewers want to smash your head now!        
These are some foolish ways to keep the viewers hooked to the television. Why would the viewers want to watch someone who looks like he’d jump out the TV screen and kill them right away? Obviously, viewers would prefer Robert Pattinson drinking their blood rather than some hooligan from some TV0 (or whatever number) eating their head. 
Another instance of ‘making a foll out of her/himself’ moment’ I came across was when this TV news anchor asked how Anirudh (‘Kolaveri Di’ song composer) was related to Dhanush when the latter had already mentioned that Dhanush was his cousin’s (Aishwarya, Rajinikanth’s daughter) husband. 
Simply put, those who call themselves journalists should do a reality check and see what they want to do. And, it is not like you can appear before anyone and ask all sorts of ridiculous questions (make a fool out of yourself) when you haven’t even read or done enough research on that person/ subject. It is like asking who ‘Bapuji’ in India without even reading or knowing Indian history or how India got independence.   
P.S. All the Telugu news anchors, please talk in one language, either Telugu or English.

2 thoughts on “Of Mediotic Creatures and Sensationalism

  1. Amazing, superb read, interestingly written. Each and every word stands true. An interesting read for the laymen and a lesson to understand for the characters mentioned here. 🙂 Keep it up!

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