That feeling of an athlete and more…..

Now that I work for a newspaper, supposedly a national newspaper, as a sub-editor, I haven’t been doing a lot of what I thought I would be doing. And that is reporting, reading and exercising. Currently my life revolves only around my work where I edit copies which come from the moffusil centres in case of which the reporter assumes himself/herself to be the master of the copy and writes shit!!! Yes I mean shit.
People say I’m obsessed with work and office because I love it. But, the point is, everyday there’s so much to learn that I find a new challenge at work which keeps me going. Unfazed by their criticism and appreciation, I carry on with my work. But the work is HECTIC (yes I capitalized it on purpose). Sometimes, I have nightmares where my editor scorns me for being careless while editing a copy and sometimes, I dream of reporting human interest stories which I though I would be doing as soon as I was done with my PG.
But, slowly and steadily I’ve been learning that I am supposed to learn a lot more than what I can see. Something beyond the obvious like my college’s Vice-dean always says.
Now talking about reading and exercising. I had this great determination to begin reading books, assuming I would have a few free hours in my hand before and after work. But, laziness can be victorious many a times in my case! Every time I pick a book from the book shelf, I have this thing going in my mind like “oh! you can complete it in a week or two…start reading it!” But I realize that I have somehow lost the interest in reading books and wouldn’t complete it in a week or two with that irregular sleeping routine. I’m struggling hard to regain that ‘lost patience’ waiting to turn every page of the book to know what happens next!  Similar thing happens when I think of exercising. Every time I wear my jogging shoes feeling like “Usain Bolt”, thinking to jolt my parents by losing those extra pounds. But the very thought of exercising (which, once upon a time, used to give me a ‘high’) now bores me only because I’m not paying to exercise by visiting a gymnasium, which I had done for two years continuously, but exercising on a cross-trainer that I bought recently.
I have started exercising lately but I do not know how long this would continue and my forever-dream of losing weight would remain a bubble that would never burst. Though this cribbing doesn’t stop, I need to get going and am waiting to see whether this exercise regime that I’ve created for myself continues or comes to a grinding halt. And, I hope the same with reading too, though its a different case for reporting, given my immense love for it. However, I would go nuts if my editor calls me to his cabin one fine day (in the near future) and asks me to shift to the reporting section of the office from the editorial section. And, I would definitely say “Shut Up!” to him in a similar fashion that Anne Hathaway said to her grandmother in the movie ‘Princess Diaries’ when she is asked to become the Princess of Genovia.


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