“Are you a Chowdary? (one of the dominant castes in Andhra Pradesh) No, I have asked you because I heard that the caste you belong to doesn’t go well with the one I come from” said miss “I Always speak to people of my caste only.” This conversation lasted for about two minutes until I finally realized how caste and power/status/money/class are connected in this state where I live. The very question of hers shocked me to death making me realize how people are just FAKING everything and anything in the name of caste, money and status. As a firm believer in humanity and an individual who opposes caste system (though I belong to the so called upper caste in AP), I hate it when people talk to you based on your caste. Here, most film actors (Read MALE) are from a community called the Chowdaries or Kammas. Apart from these, the castes that are considered superior are Rajus, Reddys, Velmas, Kaapus, etc. I do not know why people are so obsessed with their caste.

My cousin was recently telling me how she hated the whole “caste-feeling” thing among her friend who comes from the Chowdary community and boasts of how everything runs on their “community’s” name in the city. She told me how this friend of hers takes her out to various events in the Tollywood film industry and how she meets actors who are so self-obsessed with themselves and their caste that they do not strike a conversation with the other person unless he/she feels their status, property et all are either equal or higher than his/hers. I have observed this at almost every place I visit as a journalist and otherwise too. As looking for stories has become my habit, on the other side, I see people dying to attract attention and do all the things possible to stay in the limelight. This attention seeking disorder (as I call it) is making people lose their individuality. There is nothing unique about a person anymore. Everything is lost in being a person which the “society” demands. For example: I wouldn’t care if a youngster smokes because it is his/her individual choice. But, looking at that person, his/her friend thinks it is cool, it is the “fucking latest fad”, “I could impress girls/boys” and what not kind of an attitude, which makes this friend lose his/her individuality in trying to imitate his/her friend who knows what he/she is doing. 
While many of them think all that glitters is gold, most do not know how there is something fishy behind that glitter. The same is with every film industry and those in power. They appear as the most sober people on earth to you because cameras as tracking every move of theirs, but ask them if you could talk to them over the phone, they first ask their assistants if the person talking to him/her belongs to the which caste. Or he /she shuns you away from home. They do not even look at you thinking you do not have the same property or a class of theirs. Money matters to them if they have to be friends with someone, or have a chat with someone or grab the limelight or just turn a blind eye if you do not have the money to “show off”. 
Another intriguing thing about caste/money/power/status-obsessed people is that every person in their house –  a maid, a car driver, gardener and all the assistants – belong to the same caste. Their cars have the same number plates with the so called “magic numbers”. They do not need a reason to buy the latest car. Just because it is out in the market, “I need to show it off” is the primary cause of buying it. In reality, go check their houses, you will find cars lined up like dogs tied with a chain that they cannot drive (keeping in mind their status). After all, what is a car that you cannot drive and enjoy, after having bought it with crores on money?
There is nothing great about their money/class/caste unless people make them their demi-gods, which they cunningly take advantage of and pose/pretend to be one. They are the most FAKE people around. FAKE YOU! 
Note: The caste I have stated is just an example. I do not have anything against any caste. 

3 thoughts on “FAKE YOU!

  1. Thanks for the good articles you are in your blog, do keep wriritng and enlighten us, may the lord shower his chociest blessings upon you, Jai Hind

  2. Are the film actors there really selective in talking to people with caste being a criterion? If so, it's a bloody damn good human interest story. However, given the fear of libel suits, it's a story that cannot be published. Nevertheless, caste sucks and so do casteists…

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