How the U.S woos us…

The India cables leaked by Wiki Leaks have given another reason for India to worry, apart from the series of scams it is plagued with. The cables confirmed what people already predicted. India’s ‘diplomatic’ ties with the U.S, Pakistan, Bangladesh and every other country were exposed and are currently at stake because of the cables’ startling revelations. 

While the confidential information was leaked by Bradley Manning, an American soldier and a whistle blower to Wikileaks, what one has to critically analyze is how our politicians and dignitaries put out extremely important information of Indian government to U.S Embassy officials through clandestine meetings. For example: One of the cables said M.K. Narayanan, former National Security Advisor (NSA) in 2009 revealed to Timothy Roemer of U.S Embassy that PM, Manmohan Singh and his advisors differed in policies regarding Pakistan. Not only did Narayanan scoff the PM but also disclosed crucial matters amounting to breach of national security.

An editorial on Hindustan Times said that Narayanan retorted to the PM: “You have a shared destiny; we don’t.” The editorial also quoted Roemer’s cable which said: “Narayanan noted that all matters related to nuclear and space issues, defense and foreign policy, should be directed to him.”

Our politicians and dignitaries lose their minds when they talk to U.S officials, still considering themselves as those from a subverted class. Congress member, Satish Sharma, showed the U.S official Rs.50 crore to 60 crore to explain how he was bribed to vote for the Congress government in order to win the confidence vote in the Parliament. In such conversations, they do not realize that they are letting out information crucial for India to maintain its relations with other countries and deriding the country.

However, the diversity also brings up differences in any way it can. And, this time, the cables have brought out how we (Indians) are easily wooed by Americans and what we do in order to impress them every single time we meet them. While Condoleezza Rice said ” We (U.S) will make you (India) great,” our politicians obliged to madame’s powerful lines  and nodded their heads like a bunch of yahoos, but never thought that it was not possible.

Why is there a need to impress the superpower at the cost of the country’s national security?


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