Turmoil in Egypt and Tunisia

“Brick by brick, wall by wall, we will see Mubarak fall,” chant people in Egypt who are disgruntled by almost everything – politics, economics, their lives and the state of their country. A revolution which is an expression of rage of hundreds of millions of people against the tyrannical regime of Hosni Mubarak, which is created, sustained and maintained by the United States with its money and military power, has made people lose their state of equipoise. The cataclysmic upheaval has compelled the unyielding dictator to quiver with fear. Mubarak’s army men are peeping out of “made in America” bunkers and getting ready with arms to crush the mass movement. With all the paraphernalia of the situation, his regime’s brutal repression proved useless against millions of protesters.

Similarly, in Tunisia, there is pandemonium. Protesters have shunned away the country’s despotic ruler Ben Ali and his folks to Saudi Arabia, which is the safest and the most reliable ally of the U.S. Despite this, the tyrant has refused to accept that his show is over. His men still hope that their beloved “America” would come to their rescue. What a shame!

El-Baradei seems to emerge as the new face of Egyptian leadership who is a “western agent” deployed in Egypt. This can be a great insult to the rebellion because it is the fight for their “rights” against the country’s dictators. The situation is dire.

While the world seems to be in complete chaos, many countries are busy trying to bring back their beloved nationals home. Apart from this, the world’s fastest growing economy and the great hub of global capitalism, China, has blocked all the coverage on Egyptian revolution. And, the world’s largest democracy seems to be plagued and entwined in a series of scams and crackdown on oil mafia. As the massive outcry for democracy and dignity intensifies in the Middle East, the world’s vibrant democracy keeps quiet, allowing the “made in America” dictators to trample upon people’s dreams. The world’s falling apart because of patronizing countries’ interference in developing countries’ affairs. This danger has to be averted by the developing countries because what is boon for the developed countries is a bane for developing countries. This happens through perilous yet ostensible policies of the so called developed countries.

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