As an Observer

Sitting in the shade of a pillar, which I’m unaware of why it is there in the first place, I hear shrill sounds of crows cawing and few other birds squeaking. A long shot of IIJNM is what I see. It stretches from the college auditorium to the faculty members’ office. A fence painted in white defines the boundaries of IIJNM nearly 15 steps away from where I sit. The window of a faculty member’s office is open, which makes me think I’m being watched.

A cold breeze blows, I can hear scooter speeding off on the road, the grass sways in the direction of the wind. A scuttling of a chameleon that camouflaged and disappeared into the green grass and ruffled leaves give the place a serene feel to it. A black dog peeps with its fractured leg from behind the pillar looks as if I’m invading its comfort zone, and then walks away.

A lot of green all around me is what I see. Trees, herbs, shrubs and green insects. This place can get quite creepy in the night with a lot of snakes around. Thirty steps from where I sit, a Gulmohar Tree stands tall with its red flowers adding colour to milieu. The broken or cut-down trunk of a tree makes me think of a man abandoned on an island looking for some help. I see a yellow butterfly approaching me, but drifts away from me and its wings glisten in the rays of the sun. Many concrete structures covered with asbestos and painted in white are a common sight between a lot of flora around. A bluish black bird flies in the sky all alone which makes me  love nature more.

As I sit in front of this pillar, I think and re-think about how it came into existence. The path that leads me here is like I’m being welcomed by “Mother Nature” to admire its beauty. As I walk, I see pink and white flowers  on the two sides the tiled floor. The brown tiles symbolize a red carpet.

(P.S. As I sit and observe, I realize that I’m being observed by many other people, animals and things.
I had fun observing different things which I’m amazed at and think how we tend to ignore observing the tiniest of the beautiful things around us which make life a lot better.)


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