Partial Parity

Note: Whatever I have written is very personal and is my opinion. Feel free to express yours.

“We are professionals” says  my Professor. How professional are we? is a big question here. Keeping our hard news reporting aside however planned and unchangeable our schedules are, there is some sort of hierarchy that exists in this institution. I never felt the urge to write about it, until today. Bias exists everywhere. No matter however “PROFESSIONAL” the institution is or claims to be.
Favoritism /bias/partiality (whatever one calls it) towards a particular set of “pseudo intellectuals” always exists. And, these pseudo intellectuals always feel the necessity to be in “good terms” with the ones who are biased or partial towards them. Be it school, college/university or any institution, it is undeniable.
If we look at the very definition of it, it means favoring a person or group over another. It all begins by developing relationships, personal or professional. It could be a student-teacher relationship, mother/father-daughter/son relationship, and employee-manager/boss relationship, whatever the case is. For example: If we actually analyse this, this concept is something related to our psychology. It is like…things we like the most, people we like the most, anything you like, – this whole concept of liking itself brings in bias or favoritism at some point of time.  
And, that point of time is (as the definition says…) when there is more than one person or a group and you like/support/favour that group or person over the other, it creeps in. But, what one has to look at is, IS bias/partiality spoiling people from doing their work or doing good to them? (This is debatable too) because at the end of the day it is the individual who has to struggle to flourish, though partiality helps them to a certain extent.
For example: In Spain Philip III was enthroned in 1598 and duke of Lerma rose to power because of this concept of favoritism.
And, whenever my Professor says we are “PROFESSIONALS” and we are expected to be neutral and not biased about anything.  (Precisely, that is what my profession demands) I rethink. Only because when it comes to statements, people make them all the time. But, when it has to be applied to them, they do not FOLOW. So, the question here is, why make a statement, when you yourself do not follow it?

5 thoughts on “Partial Parity

  1. this has made me happy . finally u expressed whats there in ur heart since months.

    well u r lucky enough that u r not amongst those because it limits your boundaries the world u can explore. 🙂

    u never give ur best if someone favours u


    u go way beyond your limits when u struggle, work hard and give ur optimum best.

    u tend to discover a new side of yours by exploring yourself 🙂

    proud of u to write this article


  2. @ Deepa – and, why is that?
    @ Precious – it was a general post. this exists everywhere…so just thought of penning it down 🙂
    @ Sumi – im sorry, but may I know who this is?

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