Women to WOO MEN!

In this burgeoning world, women are appreciated for their chutzpah, their competitive spirit, the determination to succeed in life, which is laudable.
Be it sports or Politics; astronomy or arts, they are excelling in every field and stand as an example to many young women who want to see themselves at center-stage, someday. On the other hand, women are seen as objects of sex and emotions.
Every time you see an advertisement on Men’s advertising products like fairness creams, perfumes or clothes, you see a woman standing in close proximity to the man. A model is seen in a bikini, chasing a man (AXE Effect) or drooling over him. Most advertisements have models who are slim, fair, (preferably) tall and not to forget, BEAUTIFUL . The sensuous side of a woman is used as a selling point. Often called “Commodification of women”.
Such advertisements are deceiving and misleading in nature. Men’s Deodorants, perfumes, fairness creams and undergarments do not sell without a woman in the Ad. The question here is… Is there a need for a woman to be present for selling men’s undergarments? Even ads relating to cars (“Curves are Back” – Volkswagen Beetle), TV (Samsung Slim) or bikes – have young, seductive girls in them. This way of depicting women leads to stereotyping. One of the drawbacks of such ads with models in them is that… a viewer’s focus is more on the model than the product. Thus, losing the purpose of advertising the product.

These ads demoralize young girls who are constantly pressurized to appear perfect in every way(especially, their physical appearance). The flawless skin, brushed hair, designed clothing is shown as achievable and normal. Fairness creams are turn-offs to many young women and men. They deprive a person. They picture dark people as unacceptable and unapproachable, which is very wrong.
Advertisements are motivating and appealing. They create a deep impact in the minds of people. Portrayal of women in Ads, extensively or excessively, changes the attitude of people and molds it, often reducing a woman’s image to a mere object of passion. What many people are not aware of, is that, imperfections of body are altered using graphics.

These ads create a negative-impact on women as they lower their self-confidence and visualize themselves as unattractive. This can lead to depression and psychological disorders. Women viewers often identify themselves as weaker sex. Over exposure of women in ads has also increased the perception of men looking at women as commodities for sex. This in turn has increased the no .of physical assaults and rape cases.
Marketing departments in Ad agencies should look for better strategies and selling points to uplift the status of women rather than degrade them in the society.

Therefore, Women are not meant to woo MEN, but, ‘shoo’ men .
(P.S. Men control the world, Women control men) :P:D:D


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