A Bitter Sweet Reality

” A Journalist without a story is like a Capitalist without money” said Ron Feemster. “Your story idea is 90% or 99% of your story or sometimes just 100%” says KK.
Having chosen this profession, I agree one has to constantly look for story ideas as we are told to “EAT, DRINK, BREATHE, SLEEP and may be DIE (one day) – Story Ideas”. I do not know if I am heading in the right direction in terms of thinking about a story that already exists, but is not known to people. Something NEW. How and where do I find these story ideas always remains a question mark in my head, in a city which I’m trying to get familiar with. Travelling isn’t a problem. Knowing the right place to find a story is very important. Finding an angle that no one has found is a crucial thing to do in order to discover something new about what already exists.

I’m not ranting. I have the passion, determination, but, I just do not know how to do it. Some kind of motivation is what I need. The extra push, little more understanding. Story Idea I jot down appears after two days in the newspaper, thereby, collapsing my story. How do I find a new angle to the story? Yes, when I do a lot of research, I might.
A “do-able story” is what it is called. But, how do-able is it? Is it a feature story? (constantly thinking about it) Is it hard news? Has it been a news before I did it?
Staying in a place which is 30 kms away from city, we are expected to travel to the city after college, in search of story ideas. (Not Ranting *making my point*) Deadline at hostel, 11.p.m.

Hectic schedules, I’m loving it. Being busy is one of the best things one can do. But, Story Ideas is what bugs me. I’m not surprised for scoring a 2/10 for my story ideas. I’m happy that our lecturers go the extra mile and take care of actually reading each trainee journalists’ (that is what we are called) story and point out what’s wrong and how do-able it is. we learn through our mistakes and yes, are expected not to repeat the same mistakes (But, we are given little freedom in making other ‘interesting’ mistakes) .They are our editors and what they say is right “when you people work in a newsroom, your stories will just go into trash because your editor does not have the time to read your story (if he finds it lousy)”. True story, I agree.

But, the way we are taught is really appreciable. Takes time though. Atleast for me, if not others.
I would love to do something challenging. That’s why this course. But, I’m in search of that little satisfaction which could keep me going throughout my career in journalism which I hope is yet to come sometime close. Just hoping everything falls in place and Yes, STORY IDEAS 24×7.

Learning the hard way to make life better for others and committed to journalism FOREVER.

And yes, This is the Bitter Sweet Reality of life.


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