"I make my own LAWS" ???

Everyone has either been complaining or grumbling about the INDIAN LAWS for a long time now. 62 yrs after its Independence, India is still called a developing country and its constitution, a clichéd one. Our politicians expect the constitutional laws to function even after 62 long years, a constitution composed and written during those days when people followed Satyagraha, respected every law, every LEADER and lived the AHIMSA way. But, In a brewing world where the letter “A” has been completely erased from the word AHIMSA and people no more follow GANDHIGIRI but DADAGIRI, how would such old laws be applicable in the present system of governance?? In those days, a POLITICIAN was a LEADER who was appreciated by one and all and had a mass appeal. But Today, a Politician is a phenomena and camouflages according to the different hats he or she wears (pun intended).

Now, the focus point in this discussion is about the INDIAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Our laws have been amended by the politicians according to their convenience and will. Whichever government rules, it changes the law according to its will and the opposition does its work only to create havoc. But, again when the opposition is ruling, it does the same. Every party, every politician is the same (Sarcasm intended). For Ex: If we recollect the attacks on the PARLIAMENT in 2001, Afzal guru was the main accused in the case. He has been sentenced to death in 2006 conspiring against a country and for treason. But, the petition is currently on a stay now. Similarly, The most popular terrorist in INDIA (currently) and the prime suspect of 26/11 blasts, Ajmal KASAB – he was sentenced to death recently by judge M.L. Tahilyani. After taking so many lives, his judgement was delayed by 2 years, Govt spent crores of money on him ( he is of course a special person for our country who has been given a VIP treatment despite his criminal activities – No wonder, anyone can live a life KING-SIZE in our country). His judgement had so many things that had to be looked into and the most significant reason being our WEAK laws and the involvement of politicians in the case.
Similarly, take Ruchika’s case for instance. For DGP, SPS.Rathore has been pronounced a 2 yr jail sentence after 19 long yrs by the court. For a person who has raped and compelled a girl to commit suicide, was 2 yrs enough? Though Ruchika’s family feels justice has been done to them, it is not a complete one. Could they bring back a life?
And what is it with the Bhopal Gas tragedy case? 8 people have been convicted for 2 yrs of jail sentence and Warren Anderson was left out? Our govt took special care in helping him board a flight and return to the U.S. And that incident alone has taken so many lives, has destroyed a lot, has killed wildlife, people are still suffering its hazardous effects. The case was dealt by 19 judges throughout these years and finally a 2 yr sentence??? Is that all??
Politicians themselves have been constantly interfering with all such prime cases and have been delaying judgments and the law making process. In a way, they have been responsible for nurturing terrorism in our own country.
What has the judiciary become? Why is it that if a person wants justice, he cannot hope for it very soon?? Why is it that politicians involve in every judgement and mess it up by delaying the judgement? Why is it that people in the higher cadres get away with anything even after committing crime or involve in any illegal activity? Do our laws apply to all the citizens of INDIA?? And is there a change to be brought in the law making and execution process??
Why can’t judgments be quicker and investigations be faster? Why is it that a person who has filed a case in the court has to wait for so many years for the final result in the case? Why can’t our laws be amended for GOOD? And the TRUTH is …..every politician feels what he/ she does is correct and that is the TRUTH for them.
No wonder, the LADY OF JUSTICE is blindfolded because she cannot bear with all the wrongs happening in the country and the criminals being spared and walking away smiling (SPS. Rathore) in our country and the innocent being punished.

NOTE: Such issues are all blood boiling ones and no one knows when things will change because acceptance levels in people have increased. My request to all of u : Fight back, do not think it doesn’t matter to you….Because for years some of them have thought about things not bothering you and that’s why no COMMON MAN ever wants to be a politician or join politics because of the STENCH in it….!!!! Dont give up, FIGHT BACK 🙂

3 thoughts on “"I make my own LAWS" ???

  1. heya hi..i'm shashank..saw ur blog randomly..its a nice thing to be written and i tell you, its not just the politicians who has to be changed but its the whole judicial system 🙂
    the sequence of appeals are done just to make sure that correct justice is done and interpretation of crime changes from judge to judge fr ex. the way a teacher and a student look at a question.
    and what u said was right..some cases are unnecessarily delayed and some are intentionally mislead.
    nice attempt 🙂


  2. Teju,
    Problem is deep rooted and by nature socio-economic. When corruption prevails at the top most level then it surely percolates down over a time and encompasses entire society.
    Who will effect changes in the law ? All are worried about retaining their vote bank in collision politics age. Remember, Bofors- Quatarochhi's quite departure and CBI's watering down the case ! You spoke about Bhopal- have you noticed the efforts of passing the blame on P.V.Narsimha Rao- who is dead. Have you noticed resignation of Justice Santosh Hegde in Karnataka for protesting against , probably the biggest scam in India's history. But the government taking refuse behind meaningless diplomatic phrases. Why, because the CM of Karnataka is afraid of losing his Gaddi!
    When Law makers become Law breakers- then ONLY a drastic socio-political upheaval can change the fortune of the country. It takes time but it surely happens !

  3. Shaskanka – thanks for commenting on the post and adding your opinion to it 🙂

    @basu uncle – I think wateva u've mentioned would give the article an exact meaning than what i've mentioned. Thank you :):)

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