All for one.. ONE for all????

There’s pandemonium everywhere… lots of confusion, protests in the state from all the three regions (Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema), cases of self-immolation, Police beating up students (which they actually are not), Students pelting stones at public property, setting RTC buses on fire,…all in all CHAOS!!! (I mean it sounds like how *JOKER (heath ledger) said it in DARK KNIGHT).

On the other hand, the Telangana Rasthra Samithi (TRS) which came into existence in 2001 has been demanding for a seperate state of telangana for various reasons. KCR being the vanguarding part of this movement has taken a resolution to fast-unto-death for a seperate statehood. Meanwhile, there have been protests all over Hyderabad…the govt declared bandh, the TRS activists creating problems to public and have vanadalised the public property.They have only become *evil-er* in the eyes of people. Now you call them students?? Who they actually are not…they belong to the student unions (ABVP,JAC, etc), they have been residing in the OU hostels even after they were asked to vacate them after their graduation…Most of them being the so called “unemployed men”. But, these *students* are given Rs.400/500 per day which they think is their pocket money for the day…and their job being : Pelting stones on shops, hitting people, stopping vehicles and asking them to scream “JAI TELANGANA” !! They are given food and a bottle of liquor….What else does one want when he is given money, food n liquor for doing almost nothing…. Okay now, let’s accept the fact that they are ardently wishing Telangana to be given away. But, do they (TRS) even know the after effects of giving away a seperate state ? Have they thought of all that before starting their agitation?
If Telangana is declared as a seperate state:
  • The water supply that comes to Nagarjuna Sagar (under the Telangana region) will have no water because the water flows from Tungabadhra (under the Rayalaseema region) This can be stopped completely.
  • The water to Manjeera (under the telangana region) flows from Krishna (under the Andhra region). This can be stopped too.
  • Inter-state taxes will definitely increase.
  • Because Telangana doesn’t have many shrines or visiting places, Telangana people will indirectly make the other states rich. ( Ex: Tirupathi in Rayalaseema region … a religious shrine)
  • Education, illiteracy, poverty and other problems mostly prevail in the Telangana region.
  • Unemployment is maximum among Telangana people.
  • Power supply from NTPC is under the Central Govt’s control, so the power also has to be shared.
  • When there’s no water, there will be no food coz lack of water for irrigation and agriculture. People will start starving.
And Another point, Telangana cannot be given away including Hyderabad. Becoz Hyderabad is the most developed in the telangana region and most of the MP’s, MLA’s properties belong here. Apart from that, there’ve been almost 60% of Andhraiites in Hyd and approximately …15-20% of Telangana people are hardly there. And….If telangana ppl demand for a seperate state, Andhra people will do the same and same goes with people in the Rayalaseema region. Now when people of these three regions have their own demands from the Central Govt…Why can’t muslims in Hyderabad demand for a seperate Nizam state? Isn’t that a possibility? It is….
After Congress’s serious meeting with the AP CM Rosaiah and other cabinet ministers…Chidambaran said that they have agreed to initiate the process to pass a bill in the legislative assembly for a seperate state of telangana. (Almost a seven-step process).
The very next morning…..beginning with MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, 100+ MP’s, MLA’s and MLC’s have resigned to their posts and …..Now who’z gonna support Telangana?
The TRS MLA’s ??? Or the Congress MLA’s who belong to the telangana region???
None or One (KCR)??…….becoz these MLA’s do not want to lose their post, their priveleges, their facilities, allowances and transportation that Govt provides them. And they (T People) blame Potti Sri Ramulu who fought for a seperate state of AP 400 yrs ago, in which we all are presently living…..Wat crap?? Yes exactly….!!! That’s how it is…..preposterous is the exact word..After everything is done…they say “ITS MINE???”.!!!
Hyderabad being a union territory would be an option….which would boost foreign investments, IT sector and globalisation of Hyd wud take place…an advantage in that way….!!! But what about the crores of properties of MP’s and MLA’s..?? wud they let go off their hard-earned money (or black money too?) Nooooooo…..Isnt it???
Now…What?? As soon as Chidambaran has said that….Gorkhaland in West bengal wants to be a seperate state same is with Bodoland in Assam ,Vidarbha in Maharashtra, Khaalistan in Punjab and Suarashtra in Gujrat….!!! sooooo………Hasn’t Congress created problems for itself??? If telangana will be given…..will the other states also be divided?? Who actually wants the Telangana? KCR ? ….only???
After all this….who would want a seperate state? Sonia..It doesn’t matter to her at all?? KCR…Why? to become the CM…and do what?? drink n DIE???!!! If telangana is given away without Hyd….it will become the most backward state of India facing utmost crisis and then later repent for being left out.
Bottom Line : No ” Jai Telangana” ……Only
” JAI ANDHRA PRADESH” (The whole of it)!!!!
*Note* : This is not to bring out any communal or anti-social feelings among people, but it’s just my opinion!!!! I just hope TRS people were sensible enough to understand things in detail than to just stage protests and create havoc.
” Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.”
Robert Alan

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