Be it the UPA or the NDA…or be it the Third Front or the Fourth front…Political parties and its members have become so preposterous that there is no room in their “khopdi” to mull over “PEOPLE”!! Every politician or a citizen calls INDIA ,the world’s largest and vibrant democracy in the world, as the Indian constitution states…”It is a government.. for the people, of the people and by the people”….But today’s politicians have completely wiped “PEOPLE” off their muddy heads. It is people who are getting their A** screwed.

For Ex:- Rahul Gandhi has crticized Chandrababu Naidu of being negligent about the rural AP…later  his verdict became sanguine calling Chandrababu Naidu a capable CM for bringing a drastic change and developing the IT sector. Similarly, He made derogatory statements against Nitish Kumar about him being incapable in Bihar…later he corrects his statement calling Nitish Kumar another dedicated man to his service in the state. Does Rahul Gandhi even know what he is talking about? Or is it just to pretend like  another sober, courteous natty neta to gain votes?? Or is it the “GANDHI” brand that makes him say anything he can because he is the next politicial inheritor of the prestigious Gandhi family and Sonia “Ben’s” only ‘Eklauta’ son?? The situation is dire for Congress as they don’t have any option than the so called “GANDHI” family. It is only coz of this family’s name that people have to undergo a bludgeoning situation in the country.
Similarly, Take the THIRD FRONT……TDP playing a crucial role, had an alliance with NDA in the 2004 elections…but today it blames NDa govt for its loss in AP and ties up with the LEFT, TRS and others. Another example here is….TRS had an alliance with the Congress in the 2004 elections in AP coz it was decieved by YSR”s govt….Now the same party is compelled to tie-up with the 3rd front.
Another Ex:- Praja Rajyam- a cleverly named political party intimating populism has been a big splash in the shortest possible time. It came out with policies in its agenda like “fight political corruption”, “support the downtrodden” and “social justice”. But hasn’t it played a role in minting money for giving its candidates seats in the 2009 elections?? Infact, its just like another political party that has come out for a political gamble and gamebol. As Chiranjeevi’s rapacious and arduous efforts of being AP’s Obama( a weapon of mass seduction propogating” CHANGE”) have thrashed…it has led to the party’s self-destruction turning out to be an impediment to other parties in state.
Be it SP’s ban on english throughout the country or Be it BSP’s Mayawati wanting an IAS offcier to feed her a piece of cake on her birthday or gunning him down for not gifting her something for her birthday…..There is not even a sign from politicians to think about the country and its development than to think of Name, Power and Paisa!!! 
Take LOKSATTA for example:- Can Jayaprakash Narayan be the only one to make a difference in the country unless he becomes the next “GANDHI”(*Bapu*)?? ohh…Gandhigiri in these days?? People prefer “Dadagiri” to gandhigiri….isn’t it?? A party like this has come up to go against caste politics, Vote-bank politics and to set an example as one to clear all the evils prevailing in the present situation. But the truth is….How many among us would vote for such a party that fights against political corruption n other evils?? (( When people would vote for such a party…it could set an example for people wanting the most cliched word”CHANGE”- i.e. born out of passions and impatience of a man….But seems like Indians are too patient everywhere…even when it comes to ruining their future in such sexed out parties’ hands)).

Politicians have become uncouth, unkempt, fiendish and voraciously- barbarianed plutocrats acting like juggernauts of people’s problems and trying to bait one another to clamp power.

Why is it that a common person like me cannot do anything to change the system other than just “VOTE”? Why is it that i have no other way to express my impatience towards the unjust governance… only in this way??………They say YOUTH could turn out to be the most rebellious and vanguarding weapon a country could have and face….but How many among today’s youth are concerned about the country.?? …ok leave the country…about their own state, city or village??? may be a handful of them…who cannot make a difference even by voting….but y??
Think think…..and ?? Keep thinking….
This is just another kind of RHETORIC which leads you to a chain of RHETORICS….And the final result is yet to be a “khichdi” whose ingredients are open to guesswork!!!!

6 thoughts on “GAME-"BOL" or GAMBOL??

  1. i am just running out words. a copy of each of this should be distributed to everyone in this country, so that they might realize what’s happening and what’s not……………. and try to put thier words into action and bring the change not just by voting but something more then that.
    people like rahul Gandhi have a sober and polite image in public only because of that “GANDHI”tag. but he is same like others. a crook a cool headed player in politics who fight for their name and work for votes but not for people.
    they realize people’s need only before elections.
    good work teju .

  2. The problem is that the tolerance levels of people have increased exponentially.
    We can take more shit now, we dont really care if the government does n' t do its job.

    If we want things to change, we should not want them to change we should do something about it.
    we cannot afford to elect one good leader and think he will do it for us.

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