Do I Care???

  • Do YOU even care if someone’s fighting for life having met with an accicent??
  • Do YOU even care if anybody rapes a girl in public??
  • Do YOU atleast make efforts to save a dog’s life by just not thinking ” ohh…..its just a dog…dats okay” ??
  • Do YOU even bother to cast your vote ,knowing your vote could make a difference??
  • Do YOU even think about the bomb blast, a month later it has rocked your city…after the media stops hyping up the issue???
  • Do YOU even know what’s happening around you when yor are talking on the fone???
  • Do YOU even know or have you even heard about”THE LEAD INDIA” campaign?? (Ans:- No…**sarcasm**)
  • Do YOU even bother to ask a bill after You have bought something??
  • Do YOU even think of the country and its future??
  • Do YOU even care if Shahrukh khan announces his IPL team members?? (Ans:-Yesss…**sarcasm**)
  • Do YOU even know about who is voted out on ROADIES or SPLITSVILLA?? (Ans:- Yess again!!)
This is the type of attitude among most of us today( not ALL)…the so called “CHALTA HAIN” attitude . I guess its high time that people should stop being so careless n reluctant about their country. REACT, REBEL and RE-LIVE!!!
It’s YOUR  country….it’s about your people……and finally its about   “YOU”  !!!

8 thoughts on “Do I Care???

  1. heheh…if tht’s d case chris…thn each of family will hav a party…n gully gully ko ek party type it wud bcme…!!:P:P newayz thnx…n hope 4 smethin gud n Positive change!! :P:P

  2. DO I CARE …..???

    I waz jzt going through orkut suddenly come across ur profile. checked da Blog …

    Awesome Teju !!!Awesome blog .I Reallie Appreciate all ur work in puting down some meaningful thougts of urzzz.

    Nice waiee 2 convey to d youth ,….
    Most of the Youngsters trust me including me i can saiee has the ” Chalta hai ” Attitude .

    Need A Change for the Betta World .. 4 da Betta India …..

    I can only Saiee ” Heal Da World ” Make it a Betta Place …..

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