Criminal Politics!

They say “ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR”. Love here is for money, power and oneself and WAR against eachother. 

Today’s politics stands as an umbrella to crime. Politics and crime go hand in hand or rather they are one and the same…ain’t it?? Infact politics stands as a pachydermy supporting crime.
Today, it is much easier for a criminal to become a politician. Such is the petulant plight of a common man, who might want to become a politician but such pests like CRIME infect the atmosphere.
Politicians are better known today for their criminal background and even politicial parties do no less to them in giving importance to such imperious people. Politics is unswerving from its path and laying roads to evils like CRIME. 
Situation today: The greater the no.of cases booked on a person for committing crime…but once that person becomes a politician all those just disappear. People treat that person as a demigod forgetting such perilous things the so called “CRIMINAL-POLITICIAN” has done. 

Where does the fault lie? Who do we think is responsible? People or Politicians? or Both??
The fault lies in the system of governance and how problems within this system are dealt. Once there would be a change in the system…we can expect better results. But when??

WAKE UP..People!!! Caste your Vote to the RIGHT person and not a Criminal -politician.

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