Gyaan Giver is what i call him…

he says he wants to hit the gym
not for 8 pack nor for 6 pack
but just to get back on track…

I make him smile
just for a while
but he carries it off 
with style all the while…

Women are diamonds to him
with enthusiasm filled to the brim
one of them being his mom
who he is glued to like the gum…

He could be a spoilt brat
but a silent cat
and if you act mad
he would knock you off
with a cricket bat…

He is sweet , he is hot
he could be all that 
you do not want…

He is a package of joy and happiness
but loves to stay in the darkness
I hope to bring you into the light
and promise, you would not go outta my sight!!


3 thoughts on “To GYAAN GIVER.. :P:P

  1. i thinkk i noo whoo he iss and i am happyyyy u have a gyaann giveerr cuzz sometime nonsensicall or sense making gyaan from the right personn cann alwaysss do us gooooooooodd :).. muaaah

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