Small things make me HAPPY!! :):)

  • Have you ever given chocolates to roadside kids
  •  and then seen happiness on their face??
  • The joy of going back to the swings and swinging as high as possible.
  • Mom shouting at you for not doing the work you should be doing.
  • Dad’s pat at your back when you do something good.
  • Always fighting with my brother for stealing my BOURBON biscuit packet.
  • An unexpected call  on your birthday from your friend who hasn’t been in contact with you for long .
  • A smile from a stranger as a sigh of relaxation in the crowd.
  • A hug from my best friend when i’m low.
  • Playing with kids gives me joy.
  • Eating chicken 24×7.
  • Meeting my doctor(my saviour) every month at Apollo.
  • Smile from my best friend as sson as i enter college.
  • A hug from Aishu n Nidhi everyday.
  • A smile from Aswathi.
  • Listening to Noel all the while and pretending to ignore him.
  • Suman could give me more n more happiness everytime i see her.
  • A call from Mr.Cyanide once in a while.
  • Mom’s unforgettable comedy at home that makes all of us laugh our butts out.
  • Going out with family for dinner.
  • Watching dad imitate mom.
  • Bro’s results in academics makes me more happier.
  • Ciny mam in college saving our ass  in every situation.
  • Silky calling me “TEJAAAASSSSSSSWINI”.
  • Akki and Dipti’s wants of going to zoo and listening to deeps say” bestest buddy in the whole world”.
  • Naren Reddy calling me Tej Mahal.
  • CHAMP calling me “TEJA” n speaking for long on fone n tempting me about that yummy chicken leg piece.
  • I love being busy with work.
  • Writing makes me happier.
  • I would love to take up responsibilties.
  • Organising events makes me happier.
  • Eating Chicken every second of my life is a joy….( unless u dont steal it from me…otherwise i’d be a monster and curse you for the rest of your life)
  • Praying to God for everyone in this world.
  • Surprise gifts from friends.
  • Saving a stranger’s life in a emergency situation( by calling 108)
  • Playing any kind of sport is a joy.
  • Working out at the GYM is fun.
  • Dancing for “THEEN MAAR” is so much fun.
  • Speaking in hyderabadi hindi makes me happy.
  • Shopping with friends and walking a long way , acting mad on the road, clicking pics on the road, getting into a running bus, running back to the bus stop for having lost your money and for finding it again,eating CHAT together,eating chocobar together, putting your head out of the bus ‘s window for fresh air .
  •  Going triples on the bike when Suman is riding.
  • Meeting my school teachers after a really long time.
  • Sitting at the back of the share auto and cracking jokes on people looking at us.
  • Confusing people on the road.(especially old people in the morning while going to office)
There might be lot more….but for now…this is it!!! :):)

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