jus a POEM…

So much to say, so much to feel,
my heart skips a beat in that zeal,
i fall short of words to say how much i love you,
and all that i want is only you,
my heart beats faster when you are around,
i wish we could transform this love into a life time bond,
my feelings so real, so fresh….
But when you look into my eyes,
i feel i’m on top of the world,
and no less than gold…..

There’s a lot to listen, a lot to share,
baby i would say i just care,
But i can see you suffer in pain,
and can’t leev you in vain….

You push me away,
But i come back to you in your way,
just to say i’m there for you,
jus to listen to all that you have to say…

Baby you mean a lot to me,
you have always been a wonder to me,
You feel you have expressed your love,
So intimate, so romantic…..
But the very next moment
you killed that hope of being loved…

How would you expect me to hope for it,
Ohh…Baby just say it,
A feeling that ends never
And Be mine forever!!!!


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