Standing seatless in a fully crowded bus, bent to one side on the road,seems like its would crush the two wheelers on the leftside….people popping outta d bus from the windows n doors…the conductor leans onto you , you gotta search for money in your bag in such a mess….arrgggggggggg!!! he stamps your foot…the lady beside you pushes you to the left, old lady looks at your state and chuckles…the guy behind you tries to touch you somehow, the woman infront of you pushes you with that stiprd-torn rugged bag of hers..another amma grumbling and quarelling with a lady on my right, the lady giving a strong fight to amma in the battle of words..a baby crying..smaal boy shouting for his mom who is somewhere in the front…a young girl looking at herslef into the mirror…another lady holding onto the rod and footboarding…a corporate college girl with her heavy luggage oocupying 3 people’s space…two men trying to get into the bus from ladies’ side…a woman shouting at those men.. another woman’s hand hitting your head.. a kid holding you for support…you trying to feel some fresh air in such a situation..another working woman stinking of sweat(baahhhh)…the driver applies a break…people without support fall on you…you have to bear all their weight..young girl speaking to her boyfriend on the mobile..another girl texting her friends..uncle shouting at the conductor for not giving change( these conductors are biggg dongas :P:P)..students of corporate college discuss the pattern of EAMCET paper…old man frustated coz of the crowd…middle-aged man holding polyethene bags n struggling for support..physically handicapped person asking for seat…girls at the front feeling happy n shy assuming the guys are looking at them…heheheeh…!! another woman’s change falls…the sound of the coin rolling…the woman bending to search,occupying more space for her arse…besides all this the traffic jam till one km..sounds of the horn of different vehicles annoying you a little more, you get a little more crushed n stink a little more coz of the crowd…feeling a little more breathless and finally there comes your stop.
Amidst all this-you have to get down the bus, pushing, kicking and using all sorts of tactics n force to get outta such a fully loaded bus.
That’s such a pain…baaahhhh!!! No wonder travelling in crowded buses is a PATIENCE TEST.
Each one of you have to experience this atleast once…it’s fun!! :):):) n you will have fun!!!


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