How many of us would want to be politicians? Very few. But why is there such a huge negative response from the youth about politics? One may wonder, ‘THIS’ in a country that had produced some of the greatest leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and many others who sacrificed their lives for the countrymen!

The fact is that it is hard to be a hero, more so in a country like India, where everyone wants to snatch a piece of you and you have to fight off the clawing, cloying seekers of glory; in a nation of armchair achievers, where people auction themselves to the suavest bidders and everything works on money including the law. Why would anyone be interested to join politics in such a vicious situation. We always hear ‘India is a developing country’, and look forward to be called ‘The Developed India’ and be a part of the first world. In spite of the technology, the scientists, the hugely talented population and the resources we have, we are not able to claim our rightful place. The interference of politics into every field has brought us to such an ugly situation. Commercializing everything has become one of the biggest backdrops and has led to political instability. Routine political games and false promises in the name of elections have eroded people’s confidence in the government. Old, incapable and natty netas making style statements in fashion shows depicts the exact picture of today’s Indian politicians. For instance one would find Defence minister, Shivraj Patil socialising in a fashion show at Mumbai exhibiting Rocky S’ collection instead of looking into sensitive issues like the recent bomb blasts. And the reporters nevertheless run to such shows late at nights, gather information and flash them on screen at the earliest, by accpeting the NO-CONFIDENCE motion passed by their wives, ain’t it??

Still the fact remains that everything begins with YOU. It is YOU who is responsible to serve the society as a responsible citizen. It is YOU who is accountable for everything that YOU do. YOU vote for a person thinking he or she would serve you but when THEY do not fulfill YOUR wishes, YOU play the blame game. For instance: In India, WE spit paan on walls with that chalta hain” type of attitude but, when the same person goes to Japan or U.S, he or he doesn’t do that abiding by that country’s rules. When YOU can follow the rules of other countries then why not YOUR own country? Why are we INDIANS so unconcerned about our country? Why do we think western countries are better than us in every aspect? Why do we always throw the blame on our government?

So, may be very few of us would take politics as a choice, but we need to keep the spirits of these very people alive, so that they re-kindle the fire in us and pave a path for ‘Change’ (one of the most used clichés in politics). Let the bygones be bygones, and let us end the ‘mud-slinging’ politics and begin a “Golden period” where in, the members of political parties work towards the country’s betterment. Let’s make our country proud for what WE are going to be and let’s erase the image of a Politician -“who shakes your hands before elections and your confidence after elections”. Let us join hands together as future politicians for the bright future of our nation. Let us make a New India.



  1. tsk..tsk..so chaotic ..its never abt the country..the country is never under the process of development..its the mindset of the ppl in it..Indians dont want to move forward..they just want to go backward..in caste in religion in thoughts..they want more reservation so life become easyits the society that corrupts us…ppl dont have a choice..they are asked to vote between the devil and the deep sea…wat else do u expect.keep writing…

  2. Every parent wants Bhagat singh and Subash chandrabose to the country… but not from their house, next to their house

    this is the mind set f the major ppl now a days.
    worst politicians andcorruptions plays a major role in it

    it would be better when they join “none of the above” option in Ballet boxes

    Proud to be working in Good and honest political party and for country 🙂

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