Love- A question or an answer??

They say…”LOVE” starts with a spark and ends with an ash, but is there any kinda end to it ?? LOVE is something that cannot be defined according to me. LOVE is not special but lovers are special and it depends on how special they make their relation to transform their LOVE into a life time bond. Sometimes people feel its the highest law that can keep one goin,but on the other side of it,there’s a lot of pain that one has to go through. LOVE is a game where one has to play his/her cards right and the one who survives the hurdles,take pain and goes through it ,is the real winner.
LOVE is beautiful like a wild rose but tries to draw blood at its ends…ain’t it??
Being in LOVE is just not enough…one needs to understand how much of effort has to be put in to understand eachother well, love that person, trust that person and sacrifice. Trust is when each of them believes in what he/she does is right. But Once you tend to lose that ,it would be difficult to regain that same trust u had lost which would be fatal for your relation, so better make him/her understand things. that would be beneficial for both and would build up trust. Sharing is another most significant thing in your relation. One should know that without him/her telling out the problem he/she is facing , your partner cannot undrstnd you because he/she doesn’t know what are those which are worrying you, so betta speak out instead of thinking that he/she would never understand you. Sharing one’s feelings is as important as your relation itself because once you start sharing your feelings/interests that is how you get to know eachother better than anyone would know you. But once you stop sharing things and expect your partner to understand all that you do just by your feelings and expressions, that is where the crisis occurs and that is the starting point of your so called” misunderstanding/quarrels/whatever you may call it. This is just the beginning of another level where you have to go through a hell lot of situations that are yet to come and be prepared to face “HELL DOWN UNDER”. I’m not talking of Roadies here…if u haven’t mistaken though..lolzz!! But LOVE is something similar to it. Every mistake you do become the footholds for you to step on.
Sacrifice is another thing which people mostly misunderstand or rather don’t understand. Sacrificing in LOVE is not about sacrificing your life coz your parents don’t accept your relation with the guy/girl you LOVE. But sacrifice here means, sacrificing everything for the person you LOVE(no pun intended) whole-heartedly for every possible reason on this earth. No matter what the world thinks of you, you have chosen the path and you have to face every obstacle that comes your wayin LOVE and LIFE. Take it as it comes, fight back and prove that you are no less than anyone and have the power to take many such things in your life. Prove to the world that you are not wrong for having chosen LOVE as your destiny. But don’t be sorry for things you haven’t done and don’t suffer coz of it. Be yourself and take things in a postive way unless they don’t really haunt you. But once the situation worsens and you lose your patience ,just be silent and wait for the right time instead of taking decisions out of haste and sheer frustation. Anger, impatience and misunderstanding are things which are responsible for most break-ups in a relation.
You may love a person who doesn’t deserve it but because people say that he/she doesn’t deserve it, you cannot stop loving that person coz you have been loving him/her and your LOVE for that person would remain forever. Bt yeah..suppressing/hiding your feelings towards the one you LOVE is the biggest mistake u can ever do in LOVE. Don’t ever lose a person you LOVE because he/she may be very precious to you than anyone and so treasure them in your heart.
LOVE can be your strength and your weakness, it depends on how you take it as a person. Someone once told me, you can live a happy life if there exists LOVE and yes that is true coz without LOVE there is nothing so special. LOVE is something that teaches you many things inspite of hurting you. You learn to have patience,you learn to understand things better, listen better, share things properly, give eachother time and space, learn from eachother, learn to be open and free to express your feelings, learn to compromise, learn to look at things from a postive aspect in life, learn to respect others’ interests, ideas, feelings; learn to stand by one’s side to say you are there for that person for your entire life, learn to live together, laugh together, cry together, share your joy and be there for eachother forever.

LOVE is about you,LOVE is about me, LOVE is all about how it unites ME and YOU as “WE”. LOVE is a journey that has many obstacles. Everytime you fall, you pick yourself and proceed forward without looking back at the past. It is all about emotions and how you control them. LOVE itself is a lesson that teaches you a lesson about many things in life, making you headstrong in life at different situations. LOVE is all that you need, LOVE is all that which makes you live. LOVE is everything you need,i need and all of US need.
And my HOPE remains… 🙂 🙂 🙂 (the end result may be postive or negative, i will face it…coz anything is possible in LOVE)


4 thoughts on “Love- A question or an answer??

  1. i feel love is all about faith,understanding,adjusting to see the person we love smilimg an is a combined effort by the lovers to stay as one for each other forevr \.what say ??

  2. it depends upon the person if he’s happy being loved then love is a THE answer.but if he is not happy love is a big question.ultimately happiness is what a person needs.wat ever makes us happy we find that right let it be love or breakup.

  3. yeah!!! tht is wat i’ve the lines”one has to put in effort…to make thier relation a special bond!!! Yup….love bcmes a qstn whn therz a brk up…but it depends on the couple to see that all that wudn’t happen coz they shud rembr the tym they had spent together instead of sulking on hw their relation has cme to such a peek point!! aint tht true??

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